Valor 7000 Electronic Scale

Valor 7000 Electronic Scale
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  • 15kg (30lb) Capacity
  • 0.5g (0.001lb) Readability
  • Platform: 300 x 225 mm
  • Weighing Units: g, kg, lb, oz, lb:oz
  • With Legal for Trade certifications and a food-safe washdown design that's NSF Certified
  • Valor 4000 has a polycarbonate keypad that can endure contact with knives or sharp instruments used daily in demanding food preparation, processing and portioning applications.
  • Safe to use in the weighing of liquids and in wet environments, Valor 4000's flow-thru design ensures the scale remains clean and operational.
  • Easy to Clean
  • Less than 0.5s Stabilization Time
  • Easy-to-transport
  • Level Bubble
  • Fixed Weighing Pan
  • Overload and Underload Indicators
  • Touchless Sensor for Tare Function

More Details
The Ohaus V71P15T Valor 7000 compact food scale is the newest scale in OHAUS's line of reliable and durable products that will increase your food weighing and proportioning productivity. Dual displays and touchless sensors, user-friendly menu and setup, along with the speed and accuracy of the results provide for a seamless and hassle-free user experience that is second to none.

Front and Rear Touchless Sensors Minimize Scale Contamination: Touchless sensors located in the front and rear on the Ohaus V71-P1502T allow you to do all of your weighing without ever touching the scale! Determine weight and perform zero, tare, print and function operations with one swift hand motion. This will help keep your work environment clean, reduce the chances of cross-contamination and ultimately provide years of reliable service.

Dual Backlit Displays Allow for Quick and Easy Weighing by Two Operators: The Ohaus V71P15T Valor 7000's many functional features make it one of the most user-friendly products on the market. The two large displays on the Ohaus V71P15T allow two operators to share one scale and are easy to read even from a distance. The 1.5" front display and 1" rear display are both equipped with an LCD backlight for added clarity. Use the checklights for another level of clarification and confirmation of results.

Rapid Stabilization Provides Unmatched Throughput: The Ohaus V71P15T Valor 7000 produces precise results in just one second. Maximize your time and increase your throughput by quickly and accurately producing results. Eliminate diminished productivity and the concern of unstable results with The Ohaus V71P15T Valor 7000.

Standard Connectivity with Flexible Options: Standard RS232 with optional Ethernet, second RS232 and USB offers additional data transfer capabilities and allows connection to multiple peripherals.

Approvals: The Ohaus V71P15T Valor 7000 has exceeded the standards set forth by multiple metrological and food safety egulatory bodies. NTEP, CWM, OIML, NSF and USDA approved, the Ohaus V71P15-02T Valor7000 helps ensure compliance, safety, and quality, and is ready for stringent Legal for Trade applications.

Portability and Versatile Power Options: Say goodbye to being restricted to working only near power outlets! With its convenient carrying handle and rechargeable lead acid battery that can provide power for more than 210 hours, the Ohaus V71/P15-02T Valor 7000 can provide many hours of uninterrupted operation in the area of your workspace that most conveniently fits your needs. The Ohaus V71P15T can also be powered through the easy connect power cord that takes up minimal space and automatically adapts to different power line voltages and frequencies, eliminating disruptions in workflow due to power outages and shortages.

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Valor 7000 Electronic Scale
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